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Amnelusive is an International music producer

Amnelusive (“Amandeep”, “Aman”) is an International music producer associated with Punjabi, Hindi and also English music. He is a professional verified music producer working all over the world.He lives in Pinjore, Haryana.
He was born 3. June 2003 in a small village of Pinjore, Haryana, India. In his childhood he began to play various music instruments and had a lot of interest in music. He always wanted to achieve something big in his life.
So in 2018 he started to improve his music skills and began to remix songs.
After that in 2019 he started producing official music beats. He was multi talented and he always liked to produce different type of beats like Trap, Drill, Hip Hop, Rock and many more.
Amnelusive released also his first produced song in 2020 called “Dear Dad”. He was the main producer of the “Dear Dad” song. The song achieved great response after the release.
Amnelusive has started his music label called “Amnelusive” and reached a lot of fame trough his Remixes and Beats. Moreover Amnelusive started doing professional Mixing & Mastering. The songs and beats are being loved from the audience.
The “Kina Chir” Refix gained amazing response around the world. It was loved by the audience and people also created a lot of Reels on this track. Amnelusive is breaking records in such a young age. His music skills and talent are growing very fast and he is becoming a well known music producer around the world.
He already worked with different artist from various countries and uploaded also many official songs and beats on his own music label. Currently he has worked with a Australian and Austrian artist and music label together on a big video project which gonna hit the bars all over the world.
His produced songs were published by different big record labels like Nirbeat Records and other big International music labels. Amnelusive is also associated with the record label Nirbeat Records and is working together with them.
He is working now on big video projects on International level and he is bringing new vibes in the music industry.
He is shaping and improving his skills and his work from day to day and achieving a lot of great sucess in his young career all over the world.
5 Foot 8 Inch
Amandeep / अमनदीप
Born: 3rd June 2003 (age 18)
Residence: Indian
Occupation: Music Producer
Known for Musician
Religion India
Amnelusive’s family consists of parents, a brother, and a sister. Amnelusive mother’s name is ‘Mrs. Harjeet Kaur’, and the father’s name is ‘Mr. Surinder Kumar’.
Mother Name – Mrs. Harjeet Kaur
Father Name – Mr. Surinder Kumar


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