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As a young man, Blesson Aghamkar, an artist and vocalist

As a young man, Blesson Aghamkar, an artist and vocalist from Latur, India, travelled to Ambajogai. By that time, he had already begun singing, and Zinda Khuda, his first album as a young musician, was published in September 2018, when he was only 17 years old.

Blesson Aghamkar is an exceptionally talented singer and songwriter. Many artists impacted him as he grew up, and he wanted to make something different from what they were doing. He’s been doing this style of music for a few years and has established himself in the Indian Christian music industry. In an interview, he mentioned that the melody is the first step in his songwriting process. He then takes out a notebook and paper and starts jotting down the lyrics.

“I’m not in a relationship yet, I’m still waiting for the appropriate time,” the songwriter and singer recently remarked in an interview. ELP Productions was founded in 2020 by Blesson Aghamkar, a 21-year-old Indian teenager. He started the company with the intention of helping budding musicians record and release their music. In today’s digital age, many children desire to follow their goals but lack the resources or advice to do so. Blesson’s tale may encourage people to follow their hearts, even if their dreams are unusual.

In his brief 21-year existence, Blesson Aghamkar has accomplished a lot. His record company is ELP Productions, and he has written some of the most well-known tunes. He has also published “Clouds,” an encouraging book for young people. He talks about his planned endeavors, which include cooperating with foreign musicians on their upcoming albums and using cutting-edge technology to make music more accessible to people all throughout India through “ELP Productions.”



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