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Do you think You are THE MASTER OF PUBLIC SPEAKING ?” Someone asked the Author Avijit Ghosh in front of 347 audience

Avijit Ghosh is the world’s First Charitrapreneur mentor, a popular Musician from West Bengal, a World Record Holder as a Sales Mentor, and Amazon’s Bestselling author of three books, Keynote speaker cum personal optimization advisor and one of the popular edutainment Youtuber in India. Apart from this, he is a Certified Graduate with first-class English Honours, Mechanical Engineer, Actor, Painter and an ex hotelier.

In a public speaking event, Mr Nitesh asked the Author “Do you think You are THE MASTER OF PUBLIC SPEAKING ?”

“It’s a nice question and the most amazing thing is that I knew that someday I have to answer the question! So today is the day!! Please take your seat and I’ll answer! Enjoy the season! “- said the Author and started his speech.

According to me, Public speaking is something we all do. But What is public speaking? Just say whatever you guys feel about public speaking? he asked the audience…

Some say Confidence, some say Fluency, some say it’s English, some say it’s a fight between your self-doubt, some say it’s communication, some say it’s a way of storytelling and soo on…

Now after 3 minutes of answers Author started ” Public Speaking is just the way to share your story to the world, which means if you can share your opinion and the person who is in front of you get your point properly then you are a great speaker and when you give a speech to more than one person, then it’s called public speaking. To make it effective all the things you guys told me will be needed! Now Come to the topic! Am I the Master of public speaking!? My answer is yes. And not only me, but all the great leaders of history, all the Elite politicians, Incarnations, and even influencers were also the master of public speaking! And even you can become too. Master means who can teach! I learned it on my own, I practiced it alone, and I can teach you too. And if you are ready to be the Master of public speaking on your own, then this book is enough to guide you. But truly speaking I just have taken the title to influence you to be a Master of public speaking only. So I wrote the book. It’s just a title of a book and I believe not even a single title can justify my potential. So I’m refusing the title of being the Master of Public Speaking. ”

Another question please….author continued the event…

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