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lilxpayne revealed the secrets behind his hit records

Moein Ghodratnama Shabestari is an Iranian music producer, singer, songwriter living in Tehran, Iran. He is the founder of the “Dripsounds” music group and also a member of Timbaland’s Beatclub.
He started his professional music career in 2020 by releasing several tracks, sung in Persian hitting top charts on the Persian platform. So far he has been able to work with several Canadian rappers and produce beats for them. The latest tracks produced by him are “Out The Blue” and “Come With a Lot” performing just as he expected, ranking high on Apple music and various Spotify playlists. Moein and Devotee Woe the rapper whom Lilxpayne produced for, have shared a post according to their official Instagram account that many famous artists have shown interest in. According to Payne’s official Instagram account, he has made contact with various labels and artists like 808mafia and Partynextdoor.
He also seems to have Major placements with Fivioforein and Ajtracy.
Moein is a dedicated artist, producing daily and improving himself by working on excellence.



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