One Piece Chapter 1056 Spoilers – Full Summary Leaked on Reddit, Twitter (Wano’s Crazy Ending)



One Piece Chapter 1056 Spoilers:- Alright, so we pretty much have most of the summary for 1056 here. It’s not like the page to page in detail like how we normally get but it’s most of the chapter here and a lot of things that we weren’t able to go over in the previous article. So let’s get into it.

Cover the One Piece Chapter 1056 is Katakuri and Oven VS Germa. So this was a pleasant surprise Katakuri is kind of back in the story, which is awesome because he’s one of my favorite characters.

And I guess we’re coming to the end of the Germa in Whole Cake Island kind of cover story arc that we’ve been going through the last couple of months. Because now the Katakuri has shown up I really don’t think there’s any chance they have of defeating him but they’ll probably get away here considering that most of this arc was about Yonji and Niji being saved anyway unless it’s like a fake-out. Information about the organization “CROSS GUILD” appears in the newspaper where we can see a poster with Buggy, Crocodile, and Mihawk and the organization’s logo.

One Piece Chapter 1056 Spoilers Leaked on Reddit & Twitter

So yeah, this is like the massive reveal of this One Piece Chapter 1056 Spoilers. Apparently, this supergroup of former warlords has come together and they’re calling themselves Cross Guild and it’s like pretty much official I was able to see the leaked panel myself and yeah, we see Buggy like on top, Mihawk and Crocodile all coming together in this group here.

One Piece Chapter 1056 Spoilers Leaked on Reddit & Twitter

And before we go further, let me just clarify that I said in the previous article that we might be getting some crazy information on Mihawk and there might be another member to this group turns out that that wasn’t true. I’m glad that I didn’t say the exact information that I was given but from now on I’ll be careful to just say exactly what is being presented officially by a Redon. So I’m sorry if I hyped up anybody but the current landscape of One Piece Chapter 1056 Spoilers is kind of shaky at the moment because there are too many cooks in the kitchen at this point.

But yeah, this apparently is the reason why the world government considers Buggy a Yonko now because he has I guess Mihawk on his freaking crew if anything. I mean crocodile is pretty strong and he’s also one of my favorite characters as well I’m really glad that he’s back but I’m assuming that it’s mostly for Mihawk here.

One Piece Chapter 1056 Spoilers Release Date, Time, News

One Piece Chapter 1056 Spoilers Release Date/Time

One Piece Chapter 1056 Spoilers Release Date 3 August 2022
One Piece 1056 Episode Release Time 9 AM PT (Pacific Timing).
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And the fact that they consider Buggy to be the leader is more in part for like the comedic aspect of it of course, right. But I think most of us expect Buggy to have some kind of like real significance to the story which will ultimately be revealed soon I guess.

Buggy puts bounties on Marine’s heads, but no bounties are revealed in this One Piece Chapter 1056 Spoilers. So, unfortunately, we’re not seeing the bounties that Buggy placed on Marine’s heads, but we’re also not seeing the bounties of anyone out whether it be members of the Cross Guild or even the Straw Hats. But that is for sure coming eventually. So you know, we still got some big dopamine moments to happen in the future for sure.
Zoro says he does not believe that Mihawk would be Buggy Subordinate. So yeah, it turns out that the Straw Hats for the most part are seeing this in the paper and we’re getting some of the reactions here and Zoro is very right to assume that Mihawk would not be Buggy Subordinate because as we talked about in the previous article, pretty sure Mihawk and crocodile are definitely aware that Buggy is beneath and this is more so kind of just a faux pas by the World Government, if anything, maybe even Morgans, possibly but it doesn’t change the fact that Mihawk appears to be officially in this group.

One Piece Chapter 1056 Full Summary

And that’s understandable because the last time they actually saw Mihawk was after the warlord system was abolished at the Levely and the Marines pretty much immediately went after all of the warlords after that was established Mihawk being one of them.

And you know, Mihawk was kind of game because he’s Mihawk, and we fully assumed that they weren’t gonna be able to capture him. So you know, our assumptions were right, and I assume Mihawk just like cut all of their boats in half and somehow linked up with Crocodile and Buggy here, but I’m sure there’s some other ulterior motive here.

There’s definitely something that we aren’t privy to yet. Luffy remembers that Franky burnt the pluton blueprints, Robin asks Luffy if he wants pluton, but Luffy replies that he doesn’t need it. So this goes back to the big reveal, we got a couple of One Piece Chapters back with pluton being underneath Wano this whole entire time.

One Piece Chapter 1056 Spoilers: Release Time, Reddit, Twitter, Date Schedule & More

But in order to get pluton out of Wano, you’re going to have to bring the walls around it down. And this was originally shown to us by Robin talking to Sukiyaki about this after he had shown her like the secret room that he had. And also in the previous One Piece Chapter 1055 Spoilers, we saw that there was like another secret room beneath that that Law and Robin were able to see and this actually had the original Wano within it, but it totally makes sense that Luffy would say that he doesn’t need pluton. And also pluton seems like something that is going to wind up in the hands of a villain if anything.

And that brings us to the next big reveal here because Caribou here’s the conversation from the straw hat crew about pluton and then he says, “First Poseidon and now pluton? I must tell that person at once.” So yeah, Caribou has been in Wano this whole time. He’s intermittently been showing up and him talking about Poseidon of course Shirahoshi, he was also at Fishman Island and found that everything in that arc too. Caribou is actually kind of perpetually been with the story and the Straw Hats host Timescape and I think this Here’s what it ultimately is all leading to.

And the person that he’s talking about here is Blackbeard. Right. I think he’s been like a sleeper agent for Blackbeard this whole time. Now, does that mean that he’s like the 10 Titanic captain, maybe? But it’s been more so implied that Kuzan is going to fill that role, if anything, and that’s a whole other story for another time. But I do think that it’s likely that Caribou is probably working for Blackbeard. And he’s going to tell Blackbeard that like hey, you know, Pluton under Wano, and then eventually Blackbeard is going to get pluton. I for sure see that happening.

One Piece Chapter 1056 Spoilers Wiki, Details & Hidden Facts

Neko and Inu are staying in Wano and they chose Carrot as their successor to lead the Minks.

Okay, so we found this out in the previous One Piece Chapter 1055 Spoilers as well. But there’s a clarification here. Originally, it said that Wanda and Carrot were going to take over the roles because we know that Neko and Inu kind of swapped leadership during the night and the day and we thought that Wanda and Carrot were going to fulfill those roles.

One Piece Chapter 1056 Spoilers Wiki, Details & Hidden Facts

But it’s not saying anything about Wanda now and it’s just Carrot who’s going to be the successor. And this also means that she’s not joining the Straw Hats.

Law gives a copy of the Poneglyph to kid and Killer.”

This is a big reveal as well, so didn’t know that this was happening. And like I said, it was Law and Robin that were able to see that secret area that Sukiyaki led them to that not only showed the original submerged Wano but also where the road Poneglyph on Wano was located. So we can assume that of course, Robin got a robbing of it. And now the Straw Hats have three of the four road Poneglyphs but now Law and Kid have their own rubbing of the Wano Rode Poneglyph but other than that I’m not really sure if Law and Kid have the other rubbings as well. Luffy, Kid, and Law are set off on different routes.

Like it was explained that Fishman Island, Kid leaves Wano but it is not to go after Shanks, kid will search for a man with a burned Mark who seems to hold a hint about one piece. Okay, so this is super interesting. Not really sure who he’s talking about here. There could be plenty of characters who have a Burned mark.

About One Piece 1056 Manga Chapter

Sabo comes to my mind, of course, but is he talking about Sabo? This could be some character that we haven’t met yet, or it’s a character that we have met. We just didn’t necessarily know that they had a Burned mark. Maybe it’s Kuzan, I’m not really sure, let me know in the comments.

About One Piece 1056 Manga Chapter

Momonosuke and Kin’emon get up and realize that Luffy and his crew are about to leave Wano. Straw hat crew said goodbye to everyone except Momonosuke and Kin’emon. Shinobu is beautiful again, thanks to Aramaki’s attack. Shinobu becomes Tama’s mentor. Luffy promises Tama that she can become his Nakama when she can use Ninjutsu. So yeah, we talked about this in the previous One Piece Chapter 1055 Spoilers, I guess Green Bull like sucks juice out of Shinobu or something and now she’s reverted to a similar appearance that we saw of her like 20 years ago.

One Piece Chapter 1056 Recap (Wano’s Crazy Ending Explained)

On the final page, we see Yamato standing on the castle roof, Yamato is about to run to where Luffy and his crew are. So I guess this is going to lead to the moment of Yamato finally asking Luffy like, Hey, can I join your crew because we never got that moment yet? She did tell the Straw Hats a couple of chapters back that she was going to go on their journey with them or whatever but never asked Luffy and even Jinbe was kind of like, Huh, well, you know, when Luffy confirms that, then I’ll believe it.

One Piece Chapter 1056 Spoilers – Full Summary Leaked on Reddit, Twitter (Wano’s Crazy Ending)

So I guess we’re gonna have that big moment. I do think for sure. Yamato is going to join the crew I think it would be odd if she did it.

But yeah, that’s pretty much it for these One Piece Chapter 1056 Spoilers guys. Let me know what you think going on with all this stuff. A lot to talk about here. And if you liked this One Piece 1056 Anime article, please give it a like, and please subscribe if you haven’t already. Have a great day. I’ll see you at the next one.


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